Spring Is In The Air!

With the passing by of Valentine’s Day the Holidays are behind us. Today I paused to think about how I felt when I learned that certain religions don’t celebrate certain holidays or peoples birthdays. I’ve heard it said that it makes sense (beyond the religious aspect) because we should always value and honor a person and not just choose one day out of the year to make them feel special. Be that as it may, while I have been seen giving gifts on the occasional birthday, I always strive to remember the spirit of what I learned from my friends and neighbors who introduced this concept to me. It is important to me (and to most of us, I imagine) that the people I care about feel valued every day. Some days, however, I see something unique that screams out someone’s name to me. It doesn’t have to be a typical gift-giving occasion, and if I can spare the dolla, I pick it up for them! The joy I receive at seeing their eyes light up simply as I tell them I have a present for them is usually worth the cost. It’s almost criminal how incredible a rush I experience as, when they realize how personal it is, delight shines from their face! If that’s selfish, arrest me!

Holidays Over … Whew!

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching (and our guaranteed delivery by… date already past), we think it safe to say it has been a whirlwind of fun, warmth, wrapping, unwrapping, visiting, shopping, traveling, but most of all, life lived to the fullest! As we cruise into the fall after a (so far, knock on wood!) fairly uneventful winter here in sunny Southern California where the palm trees wave, our thoughts turn to our brethren overseas, or even here in the U.S. who are opening their doors to downright chilly weather. Our latest humorous and customizable hoodies might just be what they need to keep them warm on those chilly nights. Check them out here.

Valentines Day Customizable!

We are proud to announce our Valentines Day Customizable Collection! This will be our first Valentines Day ever providing customization on tees you can have sent directly to your loved one! Our new Custom printing takes about two to five days, depending on many factors such as time of year, promotions we run, upcoming holidays, etc, and another one to three days for standard delivery in the U.S. So expect delivery times of anywhere from three to ten days in the U.S. APO, FPO, and DPO addresses differ, and anyone ordering for delivery to one would have a better idea as to extra delays (if any) than we would. Please plan accordingly.

We have many designs with one intent in mind: To let you send the love you have, in a way that is meaningful. If you could send a hug, you would, we know, so would we 🙂 However, life is lived with what we have, so keep your loved one warm with a personalized touch!

We love to hear from our customers. Let us know what your experience is at stories@teeshirtlove.com, and we promise to respond personally:

…Thank you so much for your easy ordering! It arrived ON TIME FOR HIS BIRTHDAY!!! You have no idea how much it meant to him to get a shirt with our photo right on it! My man is as tough as they come, but I swear I saw a tear in his eye…

Melinda B., Fort Bragg, North Carolina

Even with customization, shipping is fast:

…it arrived three days after he arrived at his new post. We wanted him to have something, after all, he was going into a dangerous new place…

Marie P., Annandale, Virginia

All in all, we have been welcomed with such enthusiasm by so many that our goals have become even bigger! We want to make the best personalized gear anyone could think of. IN FACT, if you can think of any cool ideas that you would like to see us produce, let us know at ideas@teeshirtlove.com! Our crack team of apparel designers know the best ideas can come from anywhere! We can’t wait to hear from you!

Have fun!