We wanted a way to send our warm feelings to our loved-ones far away, because we know how it feels to be slogging through the cold, feeling that tug of a connection with home, having no idea if we will ever go home again. Anything we can do to help warm the hearts of our service-members far from home (whether that means stationed in San Diego or Kathmandu) we want to do.

Anyone reading this who has had the privilege of protecting our great nation knows both the anticipation of a great new direction in life, mixed with that forlorn, lonely feeling of leaving your family for the first time. Stepping off that bus, onto the pavement looking forward to basic training, back at the life you just left. You know you will not have a moment to yourself for the next eight weeks, but there will be much loneliness to overcome.

Forward to graduation from basic and on to the next training cycle. Then out into the field, keeping America safe doing anything from filing papers in a personnel office, to leaping out of an airplane, it is all vital, and can all be lonely, no matter the level of adrenaline or sweat.

Wouldn’t it be nice to know your loved one has something from you they can keep close at all times?

Our unique creations are meant to give you options for personalizing and adding your own touch to something your loved one can have on their body any time they want, without adding unnecessary weight or complications.

So whether they are just beginning and you want them to know how proud you all are:

…my wife was really surprised I made such a nice shirt for our daughter — she knows I’m no expert when it comes to computers. But I really wanted something from the whole family for our daughter’s boot camp graduation, and you guys really came through!

Timothy S., Helena, Montana

Or you want to reach out with congratulations:

…Being able to put his new rank on it was like icing on the cake! We are going to tell our friends whose son is in Iraq about how your direct shipping works too, because his birthday is coming up! Thanks again guys!

Mike P., Saint Louis, Missouri

No matter what you want to say, your love will be close to their heart all day with teeshirtlove.com on the way!

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