Due to differences in monitor brands and color schemes, printed garments may arrive with colors not exactly matching those you see on your screen.

Custom printing on items such as garments and some of the other items we provide is a complex process. On our end, we promise to deliver to you the proper size, color, and brand of item you chose when you placed your order. Further, we promise to replicate the design you upload onto your item as best we can with the technology available. You must upload a quality image for a quality result, (please refer to our Customization Guidelines). We will refund or replace any item which arrives damaged or defective due to manufacturing or printing error caused on our side. We can not, however, be responsible for problems associated any failure to upload optimal files, or minor variations due to the material being printed on and/or screen color differences, and no refund or replacement is due.

Having said that, if you did your best and it came out disappointing, we sympathize, and truly want you to be happy. Contact us with the details and we will do our best to come up with a solution, offer you help or advice, or even a discount if you decide you know where the bugs occurred and want to have another go at it.

If you have any questions, or a product you are unsatisfied with for any reason, please contact support@teeshirtlove.com.