New web address!

Tee-shirt Love has acquired our new web address and is working to smooth out the site to make it as easy and intuitive as humanly possible. We know that some folks just haven’t had time to figure out things like photo editing and such, so we are also working on an add on service for those who can email photos and what they need done to our team of crack designers! We always look at our emails and are seriously (ahem) serious about implementing new technology, designs, and gear that you bring to us!

2 Replies to “New web address!”

  1. I love the new website with customization! Thanks you guys for the quick turnaround! James absolutely LOVED having our picture on his shirt! When he saw it he said, “I can always have you next to my heart!” I will definitely be telling all my friends about you guys, they are always figuring out ways to reach out to their men when they’re at sea!

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