Teeshirtlove.com Photo Upload Information

When you upload images to Teeshirtlove.com you agree that they meet the acceptable content guidelines (below).

Photo Guidelines

Photos uploaded for the purposes of customizing products on Teeshirtlove.com need to be in either the PNG or JPG formats. Each customizable item has in the details section a size description of the width and height allowable for uploaded photos. The largest areas (which you can find on our Fully Customizable shirts) would be the front and/or back panels, with a maximum size of 12 inches wide by 16 inches high. For simplicity sake, if a photo does not fit the exact dimensions, it will center itself within the available space. For best results, edit all photos before uploading. Optimal print quality can be obtained with a 150 DPI (Dots Per Inch) setting.

Tips for best results

  • Avoid semi-transparent designs
    Semi-transparent graphics (or elements with lowered opacity) don’t translate well in DTG printing. We advise using solid colors, or simulating semi-transparency by halftoning (if you do not know what this means, there are tutorials on youtube which can be found by searching for halftoning and the name of your graphics editor).
  • Create designs with the necessary DPI
    Simply typing in a new resolution value into the file won’t result in a higher resolution print. If your graphic’s resolution is too low, the best solution is to recreate it.
  • Use transparency to your advantage
    Black ink will appear gray on black garments because of the white underbase used during printing. Leave these areas fully transparent when designing for black garments.
  • Avoid borders when designing sleeve prints
    We advise against using graphics with perfect borders for sleeve printing, since the print can warp slightly when the sleeve is being pulled off the pallet.

DTG disclaimers

  • We don’t print white ink on white garments. Any designs containing white color will have areas with no print on them.
  • White ink elements on bright-colored garments might look tinted. This is most evident on Red, Maroon, and other similarly colored garments.
  • There might be slight discrepancies in print placement.
  • We can’t guarantee 100% color accuracy if your files aren’t adjusted using our color swatches (download).
  • Read more about DTG printing here.

Acceptable Content Guidelines:

Teeshirt Love is a global company with customers all over the world. Teeshirt Love is proud to empower anyone with a desire to customize our clothing designs wherever they’re located. We want submitted content to be respectful of others and of the law, so keep that in mind before you hit the buy button. Content that is hateful, illegal, and/or that violates intellectual property rights may be reviewed and removed at any time or we may refuse to print it.

Intellectual Property Rights: Teeshirt Love respects your work and empowers you to express your voice and ideas. We ask that you respect the work and creative rights of others. You need to either own the content you submit to Teeshirt Love, or have the rights to use, display, and print it. Content must comply with right of publicity, trademark, and copyright laws.

Illegal Content: We will remove content that depicts anything illegal in the United States of America (and will report it to the authorities to the fullest extent possible by the law). Obscene content, or content that depicts or promotes illegal activity may be removed. You also have to follow your local laws and those of the place you are shipping your items to. It’s your responsibility to understand what you legally can and can’t create for your customized products.

Hateful Content: Teeshirt Love is proud to serve customers from around the world. We value tolerance, understanding, and respect. We don’t tolerate content that expresses hatred towards any person or group. You cannot upload this sort of content – it’s just not in the spirit of Teeshirt Love.

A Few More Notes: Your content is yours – Teeshirt Love won’t use it in our advertising or as promotional material without your permission. All content is subject to review and we reserve the right to remove it at any time and for any reason. Each case is evaluated individually. It’s your responsibility as a customer to follow our content guidelines – review our Terms of Service if you want to learn more details. By submitting content to Teeshirt Love, you accept that it complies with both our guidelines and Terms of Service. This Policy shall be governed and interpreted in accordance with the English language, regardless of any translations made for any purpose whatsoever.